“As a pool player, I was always looking for products that not only had a practical use but also looked great. After going to many tournaments and billiard expos I found that the majority of vendors had many similar products and nothing really seemed to stand out, that’s when I came up with the idea of billiard items that are unique, practical, and have a certain flair.” ~ Gil Castillo, Founder & President




About Us

Castillo Leather Goods comes to us from a master craftsman, Gil Castillo. Since childhood, Gil has had the desire to bring his love of leather-work and pool together, by showcasing work based on two ideas: to bring new and unique billiard items to all who have a love for pool and to showcase Artisan craftsmanship at its very best.

As you look through our products, you will find that most of them are handmade and individually hand designed. Individually hand-designed products include the pyrographed cue cases and the pyrographed backpacks.



These items are designed using a soldering iron type tool and essentially drawing freehand on either natural cowhide leather or suede. This type of design is basically a work of art in its own right. No matter if two designs are similar, they will never be exactly alike.



These are designs that were made into die plates. The die plates are then heated up and stamped onto the suede leather leaving a branded design.

We also offer custom work on cue cases and backpacks. Just send us a picture or drawing of the artwork you want and tell us if you want a name on the item and we will pyrograph it onto the product.

Although most anything can be pyrographed, there is always exceptions, so please call and talk to our sales department.



A full refund will be given on merchandise that is returned within 14 days of purchase. If returned after 14 days then a credit for the merchandise will be given or a 25% restocking fee will be charged.

Damaged/Used or Custom merchandise is not eligible for any type of refund.