2x4 Padded Interior

2x4 Black w/Gray Pockets Leather Accents

Solo Backpack Strap (open)

Solo Backpack Strap closed

2x4 Black Nylon

2x4 Black Nylon with Red Accents

2x4 Royal Blue Nylon

3x6 Black Nylon with Gray Accents


“DURO” Envelope Style Cue Cases. Available in 2×4 and 3×6.

2×4 & 3×6 Castillo Hard Cue Cases include the following features:

- High impact, lightweight Polycarbonate Tubing lined with craft velour

- Made high-quality nylon

- Removable padded Solo Backpack shoulder strap……………(Deluxe Model)

-Leather Handle, Zipper Pulls and Shoulder Strap Attachments…………(Deluxe Model)

- Case will accommodate up to 31” butt and shafts

- Shafts go in tip down

- Butts can go in either direction but it’s recommended to insert butts bumper end down (joint up)

- ¾” hard rubber bottom

-2X4 $179.99(All Nylon)
-2×4 $219.99(Deluxe)
-3X6 $249.99(All Nylon)
-3×6 $289.99(Deluxe)

Color and Size