Colors: Gray, Amazon, Desert Storm and Commando

Solo Backpack Strap

“DURO” Envelope Style Cue Cases are available in 1X2, 2×4 and 3×6.

2x4 Duro Camouflage Blue and Gray

2x4 Camouflage and Embossed Elephant-Gray and Desert Storm

Solo Back Pack Strap-Embossed Elephant

2x4 Interior

3x6 Interior

Castillo Hard Cue Cases include the following features:

- Thick Padded Interior with High Impact Protective Shell

- Made of High Quality Nylon

-Large Pouch is 16 1/2″ long with dedicated jump butt compartment

- Removable padded Solo Backpack shoulder strap……………(Deluxe Model)

-Leather Handle, Zipper Pulls and Shoulder Strap Attachments…………(Deluxe Model)

- Case will accommodate up to 31 1/2″ butts and shafts

- Shafts go in tip down

- Butts can go in either direction but it’s recommended to insert butts bumper end down (joint up)

- ¾” hard rubber bottom

-2X4 $199.99(All Nylon)
-2×4 $229.99(Deluxe)
-2×4 $289.99(Embossed Elephant)
-3X6 $249.99(All Nylon)
-3×6 $279.99(Deluxe)
-3×6 $349.99(Embossed Elephant)